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VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business

Procall is a New Zealand telecommunications provider. We design and install flexible, affordable VoIP phone systems for small business.

Every business’s communication requirements are unique. Whether you need a simple, economical system with traditional desk based handsets, or an advanced IP based network communications platform, Procall has an office telephone system which will meet your business needs.

Offering ease of use, excellent audio quality and superb reliability, our telephone systems can be individually configured to provide a solution tailored to your specific needs.

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Affordable Monthly Costs

Let us analyse your current telecommunications costs and we will recommend a solution to maximise your savings.

After moving to a VoIP system, businesses typically experience monthly cost savings of between 30% to 50%.

The most significant cost savings are realized by businesses switching from an on-premise phone system to a cloud based phone system.

*If we can’t achieve savings of at least 25% on your monthly telecommunications costs we will credit the full installation labour cost. (Guarantee excludes cost of hardware)

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What We Offer with all VoIP Phone Systems

On Site Installation

We’ll design your VoIP phone system, supply all hardware, install the system and train you how to use it.

On Site Support

If we’re unable to solve a problem remotely, we’ll visit your site and get things working again.

Cloud PBX

Our Cloud PBX is a powerful hosted VoIP platform designed to deliver big business features and real time management from anywhere.

Full Office Mobility

Total flexibility to work from anywhere! Unlike traditional fixed line phone systems, you’ll be able to take your office telephone handset home or use our feature rich mobile apps.

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Phone Lines

Our feature rich Cloud PBX lines are perfect for most VoIP phone systems but if you already have your own PABX then DDI lines (SIP Trunks) are also available.
We offer international numbers from several countries, Toll free numbers and fax lines.
Internal extension numbers are free.

All Cloud Lines come with FREE Cloud Based Call Recording for up to 12 months.

You have the option to save on your calling costs by adding a calling bundle by either:
Converting your phone line(s) to a Line Bundle (where the minutes are attached to each individual phone line) or sharing the calling bundle minutes across all the lines or extensions on your account by adding an Account Bundle. Account bundles attached to several phone lines are ideal for small business.

“Pay as you go” is available if you prefer.

Small Business Broadband

Your business deserves business-grade fibre

Procall has specialised fibre solutions for business that offer all the speed and reliability benefits of a standard fibre connection but with additional levels of performance and service.

  • Super fast speed – So you and your team can work more efficiently.
  • Greater performance – For consistently reliable and fast internet, no matter what time of the day.
  • Business restore – To get back up and running quickly if there is ever a network fault.
  • Perfect fo VoIP phone systems.
VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business
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Toll Free Bundles

If you need a New Zealand Toll Free number, you can save on incoming call costs to your toll free number by adding a Toll Free bundle. Without a bundle you will just pay casual call rates.


  • Shared across all lines on an account
  • Includes all inbound 0800 call types

Line Bundles

Save on calling costs by converting your phone line to a Line Bundle. This attaches a bundle of minutes to individual phone lines or extensions on your account.

At Procall we believe in creating plans and bundles which are affordable, flexible and work for home and business customers regardless of size.

Rather than trying to create fixed bundle sizes we let you customise your plan by adding exactly what you need to your account one phone at a time.

Our minute bundles are designed to be useful and to reflect how people use their phones today – so we include calls to New Zealand and Australian landline and mobile numbers. Bundles also include around 75 international destinations.

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Account Bundles

Instead of paying standard rates, add an account bundle to save even more. These bundles apply to all lines on the account which share the included minutes.

Our account calling bundles are designed to be useful and to reflect how small business people use their phones today – so we include calls to New Zealand and Australian landline and mobile numbers. Bundles also include around 75 international destinations.

If you have purchased a line bundle with included minutes, these account based calling bundles will be in addition to your line bundle minutes. Account bundle minutes will only be consumed after line bundle minutes associated with a line are exhausted.

NZ Landline Bundles

If you call a lot of New Zealand fixed/landlines but make very few mobile or overseas calls, you can select one of our NZ Landline calling bundles instead which allows you to save specifically on your NZ fixed line calling.


  • NZ fixed landlines only
  • Shared across all lines on an account
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Soft Phone Apps

VoIP Phone Apps

Using a VoIP phone app on your Windows, Apple or Android smartphones will allow you to move away from traditional ‘fixed’ handsets to your existing desktop or smartphone without losing any of the rich features you have come to expect from your existing phone system. Using a mobile app on a smartphone is an affordable way for small business owners to take landline calls even while on the move.