Cloud PBX

Our feature-rich Cloud PBX service is included with all Cloud Lines and Line Bundles. We also offer free extension numbers for internal call routing call flows. There are many great reasons why Procall’s Cloud PBX should be your next PBX.


  • Included with all Cloud lines
  • Included with all Line Bundles
Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX Features

Manage calls

Do not disturb. Call Screening
Caller ID Rejection. Pin code authorization
Call pickup. One number
Alternate Caller ID. Speed Dial
Internet Voicemail

Forward calls

Call Forward Unavailable
Call Forward Busy
Call Forward Always
Call forward unreachable
Simultaneous Ring

Call centre

Hunt Groups. Call queuing
Reception Console. Auto Attendant
Call Recording. Extension dialling
Geographic Routing
Call Transfer

Fax to email

Dispense with your fax machine
Fax to email
Email to Fax
Send and receive as Tiff or PDF files
Allow multiple senders per line
Distribute to multiple email addresses

Video Conferencing

High definition video conferencing
Web collaboration with whiteboard
Audio conference bridge
Web Browser based (no downloads required)
Conference menu control features
Conferencing recording options

Account Customisation

Web based management and admin
Real time provisioning and CDR
Custom Ringing and Hold Music
Remote Dialtone and Callback
Hi-def Voice and Video Calling
Time Schedules

Automatic Upgrades

Our Cloud service is constantly being upgraded
and improved, at no extra cost to you.
Unlike traditional PBXs which need expensive
upgrades as time goes on, our Cloud PBX is always
up to date with the latest features.

Office Mobility

Our Cloud PBX is not tied to a physical location.
Answer calls when you are out and about,
working remotely or overseas.
You can use our Free Smartphone apps and
register from multiple devices simultaneously.

Great Value & No Contracts

Our calling rates are the lowest around
and our bundles offer amazing value.
There are no contracts.
You pay month by month.