Account Bundles

Instead of paying standard rates, add account bundles to save even more. These bundles apply to all lines on the account which share the included minutes.

Our account calling bundles are designed to be useful and to reflect how people use their phones today – so we include calls to New Zealand and Australian landline and mobile numbers. Bundles also include around 75 international destinations.

If you have purchased a line bundle with included minutes, these account based calling bundles will be in addition to your line bundle minutes. Account bundle minutes will only be consumed after line bundle minutes associated with a line are exhausted.


Bundled minutes do not rollover to the next monthly bill cycle. Larger plans are available in the Procall Portal or on request.
All prices are in NZ Dollars, exclude GST and are charged in one minute blocks.
* Minutes include those countries listed in our bundled country minutes page and are subject to change.
**Rates exclude GST and are achieved if all bundled minutes are fully utilised. Additional minutes charged at standard calling rates.