If you are an entrepreneur or business starter, you’ll have some common traits; ambitious, driven, calculated risk takers, adaptability, resilience, strong work ethic, networking, and continuous learning – to name a few. And often, you’ll have more than one opportunity on the go at once.

Couple Working

Operating multiple businesses diversifies the sources of income and reduces risk. If one business encounters challenges or market fluctuations, you can rely on the others for stability and financial security. They often have synergies and cross-promotion abilities.

Sometimes it’s one home with two home businesses, or it might be that you’ve chosen to work part-time and run a start-up with the rest of your time. Whatever the reason, when the phone rings, you can’t tell who they’re calling. And let’s face it, installing one phone line for each, or mobile for each, will get complicated.

A perfect example of this was a husband who was a web developer who, most of the time, worked from home. His wife was an accountant and had set up a home business. So, both businesses were operating from one location. When the home phone rang, you couldn’t tell who it was for. Their best solution was to answer the phone with ‘ABC Development and XYZ Accounting’ – which would often confuse the caller, and they’d have to explain.

Both were often out of the office, working elsewhere or attending client meetings. So, then their only form of contact was to use their mobile phones. Both felt they had to give up their mobile numbers to do well in business, and the only way to get privacy would be to turn their phones off when needed.

When this couple came to us, they had one home phone number with an answer phone and a fibre internet connection. Their monthly phone bill was $125 +gst monthly.

We managed to solve this problem for them at a total cost of $100 +gst per month (including the internet connection);Procall Dialpad

• We installed a phone number for each business which could be diverted to their mobile phones when they weren’t home.
• A new welcome message was put onto each phone number, greeting the caller professionally.
• Incoming calls on their mobile phones could easily be identified as business calls through the app.
• They could both call from the work number on their mobile phone so as not to give away their mobile numbers.
• The after-hours message was automatically scheduled to turn on and off again at a certain time.
• Voice messages can easily be accessed from their mobile phone.

Having two businesses at one premise became easier and more professional, and they had time away from their businesses when they wanted.
We want to minimise costs and help you have freedom within your business. If you are interested in what we can do for yours, give us a call and let’s discuss. Please phone us on 09 242 1234.