Additional Numbers (ex. GST)

(Applicable if not included in your Plan)

NZ Numbers: $5.00 + GST
NZ DDIs (no Cloud Features): $2.50 + GST
Extension Numbers: $ FREE
International/Other Numbers: From $6.00 + GST

New Zealand Calling (ex. GST)

Landline Calls: 3c per minute (See our plans to save)
Mobile Calls: 19c per minute (See our bundles to save)
0800 Outbound Calls: No charge
0800 Inbound Calls from Landlines: 5c per minute (See our bundles to save)
0800 Inbound Calls From Mobiles: 19c per minute (See our bundles to save)

Number Porting Fees (ex. GST)

Local Number Port: $10 each
TollFree Number Port: $25 each
Australia Local Number Ports: $35 each (Bulk ports discounted)
Australia 1300 Number Ports or Allocations: $90 each
Australian Toll Free/13xx Ports or Allocations: $90 each
International Number Port: POA (Typically $25+ per number)

International Calling (ex. GST)

Australia Landline Calls: 5c per minute
Australia Mobile Calls: 20c per minute
Australia TollFree Inbound Calls: 12c per minute
Australia 13xx Inbound Calls: 10c per minute
USA TollFree Inbound Calls: 9c per minute
Other destinations from 3c per minute