A number of businesses are switching over to Cloud PBX for their telephone needs. This is a communications system that doesn’t require a bunch of expensive equipment, and yet can still handle the communications needs of a business.

What is a Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX is relatively new technology that uses the Internet to power communications. PBX stands for private branch exchange, and it can be used for all sorts of business communications purposes, like conference calls and call waiting. A cloud PBX is hosted entirely in the cloud rather than utilizing computer or other equipment located on site. That means a lot of security and maintenance costs can be eliminated without the need to purchase any hardware or update software.

Do I need a good Internet connection?

Even though a Cloud PBX will not be on site, your telephone handsets will be. VoIP calls will require a decent Internet connection to achieve good voice quality. A good Internet connection is especially necessary if you’re using a wide range of complex communications features. If you want to set up your entire business on a Cloud PBX communication system, and you want to utilize features like call queues, hold music, and conference calling, you will need a strong Internet connection. Otherwise, your system is liable to drop calls or have other issues.

Benefits of using a Cloud PBX

Cost Effective – You can keep costs low with a Cloud PBX system, since there isn’t any physical equipment that needs to be purchased other than VoIP compatible desktop phones. This system even works with conventional mobile phones using a VoIP app, and you can have all the calls rerouted to your employees’ mobile devices. Any way you run this system, you are saving on installation and maintenance costs. There are a range of pricing plans available through most Cloud PBX providers, so you can design your system based on your needs and budget.

Very Reliable – Setting up a Cloud PBX system can be helpful for your business’ reputation. Instead of dropping calls and experiencing service outages, your communication system will run flawlessly, and it is one of the most dependable telecommunications setups available.

Flexible – You are going to love all of the different features a Cloud PBX system gives you. It goes far beyond basic phone call options and gives you the kinds of features you would expect from a high end communications setup. We mentioned a few features already that this system can handle and that your business would be able to use, but that’s just scratching the surface, really.

Scalable – If you reduce staff numbers – no problem. Just cancel your extensions or phone lines immediately. If you add new staff members – no problem. Just add an extension and get them up and running in minutes. Add 1 extension or 100 – that is the real power of a PBX in the cloud.

Rich feature set – A Cloud PBX can also handle hunt groups, voicemail-to-email, call queues, fax to email, and more. You can also assign different departments in your business to separate groups through the cloud PBX system so that everyone in a specific group can pickup calls when a call is sent to one of them. There are more features available in this robust communications system that any business should make use of to expand their capabilities, serve their customers better, and be more efficient and effective.

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