Businesses seldom use fixed landlines anymore, because it’s simply not practical. The cost of putting in a landline, not to mention the expense of installation and added equipment, makes it a drain on the business’ bottom line. What a lot of companies are doing instead is using a VoIP number.

What does a VoIP number do?

It serves as an alternative to traditional landlines, and even cellular service plans. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which may sound misleading. It simply means that your voice can be transmitted over the internet, from your location – in other words, you will be making internet powered calls.

What equipment will you need?

One of the best things about a VoIP number is that it is very cost effective. You won’t need to purchase a bunch of other equipment to get it up and running. You just need an IP compatible phone. The smartphone you already have will also work by using an VoIP app. Many office bound workers still prefer a dedicated phone.

How VoIP works

With a VoIP number, you’ll be making calls over the Internet, so a telephone company copper wire connection is not required at all. Instead, your broadband Internet connection will be used. You can do a lot with a VoIP number, like transfer calls, setup hunt groups, auto-attendants or call queues, and receive faxes or voicemail.
All of this is done with a system that routes the calls in the most efficient manner to prevent dropped calls, lost calls, and other issues. It’s really the perfect replacement for traditional phone lines, whether you want to make calls for your business or as an individual.

How to get started with a VoIP number

You’ll need to sign up for a service plan to start using the VoIP number. You won’t pay as much as you would for any other type of telephone plan. In fact, you may be able to save a lot of money by using a VoIP number instead of your current phone plan.
Your VoIP number can be the same as your current number and you can port over your current phone service to a VoIP service quickly and easily. Whether you have a landline or toll-free number, transferring to VoIP while still keeping your original number is possible.
If you prefer, you can choose a new number when you sign up for VoIP. You can choose from one of the available phone numbers to get started. A good option is to choose a local number so that your VoIP number shows up in the right area code, or you can pick a vanity 0800 number for your brand. A toll-free number can bring in more business.
This kind of service is really only going to work for people who have a decent internet connection, though. That is probably the only thing that will hold you back from being able to access this cost-effective communications service.

Would you like to get started with a VOIP number? Contact us today, and we will set the process in motion.