VoIP can be a replacement for a traditional telephone service, as it sends and receive calls over the internet. It uses a wireless or wired connection for phone calls as opposed to using a cell phone service or landline phone company. In other words, you get all the same utility of a phone service without having to pay a high monthly fee. It can be a very inexpensive way to make calls, saving you thousands of dollars a year, and it can be used by pretty much anybody.

What Does VoIP Mean?

If you come across the acronym or received a call from someone with the call labeled as VoIP, then you may be wondering what it stands for. VoIP simply means Voice-over Internet Protocol. VoIP works with any internet connection, and it sends calls over that connection, so it doesn’t take a bunch of added technology to set up. The Internet can be connected over cabled Ethernet, WiFi or even a GSM cellular connection. That convenience is part of the reason why people use VoIP.

Who Is the Technology for?

You may be wondering who can make use of VoIP and how it might be implemented for a business. It’s something that can be used by businesses and individuals alike. Many people will use this technology because of its cost saving benefits, but it’s also a great way to use technology more efficiently.
There are lots of services out there that offer calling to and from your home, business, or electronic device. They may require you to plug in a switch or some other kind of specialized hardware, but that’s not necessary with a VoIP service. All you need is an IP phone or a mobile app.
It works with the existing technology on your computer or other device and lets you send and receive calls without needing to buy or install anything else.
The simplicity and practicality of that setup means that anyone can use it and benefit from it. Individuals can save money on calling plans with this technology, and businesses can keep overhead costs low as well. There is less equipment to buy and fewer things that could go wrong with a setup of this kind.
Companies can setup every phone and mobile in their business network as VoIP device. Each can be assigned a different extension or phone number.
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